Laughing Maniacally

Dear Kara,

My question is twofold: How often should you read your work aloud? When doing so, is it a problem if you always end up alone laughing maniacally?

~ Psycho-loquist


Dear Psycho-loquist,

What’s your real problem?

If you’re asking whether you need to be heard, you do.

Please cut the bravado and make your writing worthy of your voice. How? Try accepting that the beast between you and your art is bravado.

Next time you find yourself laughing maniacally, splice these words into your laughter:

I accept you, bravado-beast.

You are safe, bravado-beast.

Bravado-beast, you are loved.


Let your laughter respond; hear your bravado-beast speak.

Record it. Fight for your life against it. Record the fight.

Read that aloud.


I believe in you,